Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Crazy 8’s

I found this on another blog (thanks Jen!) I think it is a neat idea. I am going to list it and over the next day or so, complete it. Cheers!

My Crazy 8’s
8 Passions in my Life:

~ My husband
~ family
~ friends
~ reading
~ children
~ freedom 9to be able to do what I want
~ scrapbooking/card-making
~ Diet Coke and I love coffee...does that count?

8 Things to do Before I Die:
~ have children
~ travel to Africa
~ travel to Australia
~ swim with Whale Sharks
~ grow old with my husband
~ go to a Spa retreat - alone
~ get a photo published in a magazine

~ feel satisfied - no regrets

8 Things I Often Say:

~ Aw, shitburgers!
~ Awesome!
~ This sucks monkey balls!
~ Dude!
~ Nah
~ Love you!

8 Things I’ve Read Recently:
~ Angela's Ashes
~ Time Travellers Wife
~ It's Never Too Late to Get a Life
~ 'Tis
~ Wifey
~ The Wedding
~ books and articles re: Autism/Asperger's Syndrome
~ Rachael Ray magazine

8 Qualities I look for in a Friend:
~ honesty
~ can make me laugh
~ common interests
~ adventure
~ can hang out and not have to say a word, still being comfortable
~ personalities compliment each other
~ similar tastes in many things
~ can be silly with each other

8 Things I have learned this past year:
~ it is ok to cry
~ I can travel with more confidence and less luggage!
~ I am okay with moving away from my family - if I must
~ That I love my husband more now than when I married him
~ many techniques for card making/scrappin'
~ change is good
~ adopt an attitude of gratitude
~ to laugh at myself and move on