Thursday, January 17, 2008


It just came to word of the year. As I am also about to embark on the 365 Day Scrapbook/Journal Challenge, I realized that the word MOMENTS is the theme. I feel that the word signifies what IT is all about. What we treasure, what we seek, what we remember. Tidbits of time, a small piece or fragment of an experience. Along the path, it is moments that we learn from and take with us.

My A-HA moment!

It is what I live for. A moment of complete serenity and peace. In my husband's arms, holding the hand of a niece, reading a book (for the hundredth time) to a nephew, a smile from a true friend...when Dad says "I love you". Happy moments, sad moments, being scared or alone, cold and nervous, angry or completely frustrated. For as many moments that we feel we could do without there are as many as we must experience and grow from.

Celebrate each and every moment. Learn. Grow. Believe that there are always more moments. I do.