Monday, December 12, 2011

Picture wall!

A special place that can take me away or bring me back....

Started adding one photo a month to the wall....will fill with memories....and, notice the sunshine yellow yellow!

The next addition!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crazy Canadian Coconut Tour!!!!

I received an invitation to participate in a fun experiment....the Crazy Canadian Coconut Tour and received a visitor via Canada Post on Friday! My job is now to photo document its visit and then send it on to visit a new family in Canada. Here is it upon arrival!

And as it got more comfortable in its new temporary home...


Christmas time's a'comin!

Christmas in my little suite is tough....still doesn't feel like home, so I don't decorate much. Christmas is not my favorite holiday anymore....sad, but true.

I did set up the tree though....hahaha!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Las Vegas - Solo Style!!!

My solo vacation to Las Vegas! First, the hotel room....which in comparison the to the other 5 rooms I have stayed in in Vegas was by far the largest. Quite decent...especially for being in there alone.

Then, photos from the conservatory at the Belagio....including a pumpkin of carnations! So many flowers and a nice display.

Was nice to get away on a solo vacation...3 days of mostly being in my own head. Lots of walking and people watching, making my way down the strip and enjoying the sun.

I would totally vacation alone again....would also recommend it to anyone....quiet thoughts and alone time. I enjoyed!

Nice large bed....for one!


An apple for my teacher!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Come with me....

....on a trip to one of my favorite places! An hour west of the city is a town called Canmore, just outside the Banff national park. I love the mountain area there...all seasons it is beautiful.



Winding road in the parkway.

New tree growth in the prescribed burn from 1993.

Castle Mountain

Castle Mountain

Cute little romantic cabin at Castle Junction

Morant's of my favorite places!

Lake Louise

Rocky Mountain Sheep