Saturday, October 29, 2011

5 years ago.....

5 years ago this week, we were to board an airplane for a wonderful trip to Cozumel that we had been planning for a few months. 2 days before our departure, following the news and it was not looking good. Hurricane Wilma had Cozumel in its sight and it was a big one...category 5 hurricane. Our trip was not going to happen. Wilma ended up hovering over Cozumel and Cancun for 3 days....huge damage and horrid for the tourism in the area.

We decided that we had our time off and should still do something....road trip! We left on an 11-day adventure that took us down through Oregon, up the coast and through British Columbia.

Jason took me to where he used to rock climb, before we met. We camped for a night in the area and walked some of the trails he had taken. It was autumn and crisp and the colours were wonderful. I even got to see my first pumpkin patch!!!

Where is Lori?

There are more photos to add...have to find them.

When we arrived in Victoria, B.C., we looked into a whale watching tour. It was pricey and we wondered if it would be worth it. We signed up and it ended up being one of those experiences you never forget!

A transient pod of orcas - and a newborn! Newborns have orange colouring, due to jaundice and toxins in their bodies.

I love this!

Such a large whale! Another tour operator happened upon what we were seeing.

Markings, like fingerprints, make them identifiable to guides.

Noisy group!

A pod spouting off.

Scratches on this orca.

So large....swims right beside us and under our zodiak....we could have easily reached and touched it.

Spy hop!

Another spy hop!

Leaving footprints for us!