Monday, August 22, 2011

Another update....Summer 2010 trip

So, with the dayhome closing and another new chapter beginning, J and I set out, yet again, on a summer adventure! Summer 2010 was to be a big one! We decided on Wednesday that we were actually going to do the trip and we left Friday morning - a 49 day trip planned in a day and a half!

So, after 7 airplanes, 2 sleeper trains, 5 ferries, numerous taxis and cars, countless metros and buses, 1 camel, 13 hotel rooms, 6 countries and 49 days away from home - here are some highlights.

After our almost 9 hour flight, we landed. Customs was easy enough in Amsterdam, receiving my first stamp in my new passport! We were directed to a platform in the Central Terminal, to catch our train to the city. After a short time, chatting with another couple on a near-empty train, we discovered that we were headed in the wrong direction - Eindhoven not being our destination. Grabbing our backpacks, we disembarked at the next stop and caught a train  in the right direction - Amsterdam!

Beautiful canal system...loving the narrow, tall homes.

Loved all the houseboats.

Very interesting shapes and sizes!

An actual bicycle parkade!

Thousands of bikes!

Quaint homes, all in row.

A brick houseboat.

Love this...looks ideal!

Morning mist and sunlight hitting the floating flower shop.

Good morning, Amsterdam!
Life is not a it fully and completely, with your whole heart and being. No mulligans or redo's or do-overs. I am learning not to dream - but, to LIVE! Making a change, not waiting for one.