Sunday, August 30, 2009

OMG! Has it really been that long?

I am shocked! I have had no sense of time of late and have let things slide. I have had so much happen in the many months since I have visited and have simply forgotten about this blog. Wow! So, "HELLO" to anyone who drops by and who I have not visited with (virtually) in a long, long time.

So, to catch up with things....

~ I left my job at the school! I was tired. I had been there for 13 years and felt it was time to move on before I let things slide too much and resented any aspect of my job. I left on good terms and have not looked back!

~ I opened and operate a small dayhome. It was an idea in place as I left my prior job. I now am a proud childcare provider to 5 lovely toddlers, all of whom have parents who I used to work with. It is unique in some ways...I do not operate out of my own home (I will come back to that), as the dayhome is out of the home of one of the children. His parents live right close to the school and the children all get dropped off there. I work only days that the school is in operation, leaving me plenty of days off and summers to enjoy with my husband!

~ My husband quit his job as well and is now a full-time university student, studying engineering. We talked long and hard about this, but I want him to do it now and have no regrets when he is 50 or 60....shoulda, coulda, woulda.

~ My house....sold! We listed the house last July and it sold in a day! The sign was not even in the lawn and we showed the house at 2pm and had a offer by 8pm. We took it and gave up possession on Aug. 22. This is where it gets complicated:
- because the house sold so quickly, we had no plan of where to go. Our 'longer-term' plan was to eventually move into my husband's parents home, renovating a suite in their empty basement. Until that was finished (it had not yet begun), we needed a place. I immediately began looking at rentals. Many of our rentals in the city were super inflated but I did find one - a small basement suite for $1100.00/month. When this was mentioned to a friend of mine (a woman for whom I was a nanny to her two young boys, many years ago) she mentioned that she had room for us. Her boys were out of the house and they had a developed basement that we could use. We saved so much money by staying with them.
- we are now living with my in-laws! Our suite only needs a few more things done until it is completely finished!

There is so much more, but I will share later! Ta ta!