Friday, May 16, 2008

4-day Weekend!

So work until Tuesday! I am so glad. I have had a rough week, along with my family. Grandpa was buried on Tuesday, after a semi-quick bout with cancer. He felt that he had had it for some time, but didn't act on it.

I have always said it is such a shame that you learn so much at funerals. The stories that come from these gatherings should really be shared and laughed at prior to when your loved one is gone. I wish, wish, wish I had of known that grandpa liked playing Canasta. Canasta!? Something so simple and I would have loved to have played with and learned from him.

I am going to open all of my windows today and clean my house! I am actually quite excited by that thought. I want to have my house listed and on the market within two weeks. Can it be done?

I will check in later....