Sunday, April 13, 2008

A lovely 'Sun'day!

Sun is out and it is perfectly lovely here in Calgary. We had a WICKED snowstorm on Thursday that took the area by surprise. Heavy snow and whiteout conditions. My usual 45 minute commute to work took 2.5 hours and had it not been for material in my car needed for a presentation, I would have turned myself right around and went home. I also had a dentist appointment later that morning. Bad girl I am....first one in almost 8 years. So, left my house at 7:15am; got to work at 9:45; dropped off materials; checked on my coded students; got back in car at 10:00am and made it to my 11:00 appointment in record time of 1 hour 15 minutes for a half hour drive! I was a walking ball of nerves.

I then had a great scrap/card making weekend. I hosted it at my school and had a small group of ladies come in Friday night and Saturday. I loved it. I am going to finish some of my cards right now and perhaps post photos later.